Best Compound Bow For Hunting

Before talking about the best compound bow for hunting, let’s talk about the history behind these magnificent bows.

The compound bow is around 50-years old having been introduced in 1966 by a Missouri inventor, Holless Wilbur Allen. Allen removed the ends of the conventional bow and added pulleys. By 1969, he was able to get the patent for his design and became the first to manufacture compound bows.

Today, only one company still uses this patent, the Precision Shooting Equipment (PSE) which includes Browning Archery as one of its subsidiaries.

Compound bows are used in target archery, 3D archery, field archery, and hunting. It is unique because of its “let-off” feature which refers to the point when the archer is able to hold less draw weight so he gets more time to aim accurately. In hunting, this is a huge advantage.

In this article, you’ll learn how to pick the best compound bow for hunting, and we’ll present you the top 5 models.

SAS Rage
4.4 Pounds26-30In55-70Pounds
Infinite Edge Bow Package 3.2 Pounds13-30 Inches5-70 Pounds
Bear Cruzer Shadow Series
3.6 Pounds32 Inches5-70 Pounds
PSE Brute Force4.2 Pounds25-31 Inches50, 60, 70 Pounds

What to Look for in a Compound Bow

Draw Length

You must measure your draw length and not base it on your weight or height. It’s also best to have an expert measure it for better accuracy. The length measures how far you can draw the bow.

Draw Weight

A beginner should opt for a low draw weight even if strong because the bow will make demands on muscles and joints unused to the weight and pull. Injuries may happen unnecessarily, a condition also known as “overbowed.”

Eye Dominance

Select your bow based on your dominant eye. Fortunately, many compound bows are now designed for both left and right eye dominance.

Best Compound Bows for Hunting

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow


Southland Archery Supply does not have the same brand image as other brands but their SAS Rage is one of the easiest compound bows in the market especially for first-timers. It can handle small to medium-sized prey with maximum speed of 270 frames per second (FPS) and is quite easy on the pocket.

Key Features:

  •  Total weight is 4.4 pounds
  •  Draw weight is 55 to 70 pounds adjustable in increments of 5
  • Draw length is 26 to 30 inches
  • Measurement of axle to axle is 35 inches
  • Let off is 70%
  • Dual eccentric cam

With the SAS Rage, the 30-inch aluminum and carbon arrows are highly recommended. It is considered a novice’s bow that delivers consistent and smooth shots. It is slightly heavier but it is easy to adjust draw length.

The limbs are made of fiberglass which guarantees durability. You might be bothered a little by the noise generated by the vibrating strings but this can be resolved by using a dampener. It’s a great product with plenty of power.

Infinite Edge Bow Package

Diamond Archery is the company behind the Infinite Edge Compound Bow which is great for deer hunting and other similar prey. Diamond Bow, which used to supply companies with bow parts, was acquired by Bowtech in 2004 and fall under their lower-priced models

However, the quality of the construction and strings are impeccable and follow the high standards of Bowtech. Small changes were made such with the grip and risers but Diamond bows remain tough and performance-driven.

The Infinite Edge is for mature users looking for accuracy, power, and the option to accessorize. Children should not be allowed to use this bow.

Key Features:

  • 3-pin apex sight
  • Tube peep sight
  • BCY string loop
  • Hostage XL arrow rest
  • Octane Deadlock Lite Quiver
  • Draw length of 13 to 30 inches
  • Draw weight of 5 to 70 pounds
  • Total weight is 3.2 pounds
  • Design is for right-handed archers

For hunting, you will not be disappointed with this compound bow. At best, it can be compared to one of the high-end bows and at worst, it locks a slower speed of about 10 feet/second – which is not bad at all!

Bear Cruzer Shadow Series

The Bear Archery Cruzer is an incredible compound bow because of its versatile design and compact size. One advantage to getting this compound bow is that it comes fully assembled and comes in several designs including the very popular camouflage colors.

Key Features:

  • Double cam system
  • Lighted peep sight
  • Has a stabilizer and arrow quiver
  • Total weight of 3.6 pounds
  • Total length of 32 inches
  • Maximum speed of 310 FPS
  • Draw weight of 5 to 70 pounds
  • Draw length of one to 30 inches
  • Optional accessory: silencer

Admittedly, the Bear Cruzer does not go as fast as professional compound bows do, it still can be used for successfully hunting small and large game. It’s advantage over the professional bows include its light weight which makes it easy to carry around.

This bow will take you further because you won’t get tired of lugging it around – and, it can fit into small spaces easily. Add to everything that’s been mentioned, it’s also quiet and stable. It’s a great choice for serious amateur hunters.

PSE Brute Force

We’ve saved the best for last with the PSE Brute Force 2016. This model was just released recently and has been getting rave 5 star reviews from professional archers. Proudly US-made, the Brute Force has the built-in Madness Hybrid Cam technology which is faster, smoother, and tighter speed.

Quick Features:

  • Total weight is 4.2 pounds
  • Draw length is 25 to 31 inches
  • Draw weight is 50, 60, and 70 pounds
  • Let off is 80%
  • Axle to axle is 31 ¼ inch
  • Brace height is 7 inches

The beautiful mossy oak finish also has an optional RTS or Ready to Shoot package that includes Whisker Biscuit Rest, GEMINI Sight, peep sight, shadow quiver, nock loop, stabilizer, and Neoprene sling.

The bottom line with the Brute Force is: if you want fast, that’s exactly what you will get with this is the best compound bow for hunting. At worst, you will need to tweak it a little if you are an experienced hunter to suit your personal preferences but that’s a small price to pay to get the latest hunting bow PSE has to offer.

In conclusion, the best hunting compound bow is less than 5 years old, can shoot straight and fast. If you have to choose between straight and fast, experts will tell you, fast is better.

However, to be able to use a fast bow well, you will need to work on your form and technique. After all, hunting is more about skill than equipment.

Happy hunting!

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