The Best Lures for Fly Fishing Reviews 2017

Fly fishing is perhaps one of the best ways to escape from the busy-ness of the world and relax. It requires you to travel to a scenic, serene location where it’s all about you and the peaceful forces of nature. In this article we are going to talk about the best lures for fly fishing.

According to a Vietnam veteran, David Patton, “fly fishing is therapeutic” because it does not matter what your mental, emotional, or physical issues are – you can be successful if you concentrate on what you are doing and you are able to forget everything else. Part of the fun of fly fishing is making sure you have the right gear and lures.

Lures are fake, weightless flies, or artificial flies, attached to end of your line to attract the fish. The lures have parts like hair and feathers to fool the fish into thinking it is a meal.

Lures replace live bait which is why you may come across some anglers who think the use of lures is a poor alternate because some lures contain resin, softening agents, and stabilizers that are not friendly to the environment.

Best Lures for Fly Fishing Comparison

0.79 In0.003 Ounces4.2 /5
Outdoor Planet Double Sided Waterproof 15mm0.8 Ounces4.1 /5
BLISSWILLk0.98 Inches0.003 Ounces4.6 /5
0.98 Inches0.003 Ounces4.9 /5
Moolecole Fly Fishing Flies Set0.79 Inches0.003 Onces4.3 /5

For this reason, our 5 best lures for fly fishing are among the best in the market with the least, if any threat to the environment. These lures can also be used all year round.

The Different Types of Lures

In choosing the best lures for fly fishing, it is important to take into consideration the following:

Surface Lures

Floating lures that make splashing, burbling, or gurgling sounds. Used to attract predatory fish who like to come up quickly from the bottom.

Sinking Lures

Lures that sink and are effective with thin lines.

Soft Plastic Lures

Best lures for beginners made of soft plastic, very colorful and mimic leeches, lizards, worms, or squid. This lure is often used with a jig which helps the lure sink faster.

Diving and Floating Lures

Many lures fall under this type. They offer more control because you can drift on the surface or allow the lure to sink underwater.

The advantage of this type of lure is maneuverability which allows you to reach difficult places where fish like to hide.

How to Select a Lure

  • Water depth
  • Weight of lure since the heavier lures work better in deeper and murkier waters
  • Color because you don’t need colorful lures for shallow waters
  • Type of fish
  • Time of the year since fish tend to change their preferences based on the season
  • Location where you plan to go fishing: will there be weeds, rocks, a strong current, etc.
  • Your experience with fly fishing

Best Lures for Fly Fishing


Piscifun is a affordable brand made by angler experts who understand the sport. The company is more known for its reels which have been getting tremendous acclaims from users.

The Dry Flies products are sold as a 12 pack while the wet flies come in 40-pc packaging. These are quality lightweight flies that are not suitable for heavy weights.

Key Features:

  • Length of 0.79 inches per square centimeterer
  • Weight of 0.003 ounces
  • Hand-tied
  • Strong hooks
  • Colorful
  • Suitable for sinking and floating depths, and flowing water
  • Great for beginners and professionals

Piscifun claims to use eco-friendly materials whenever possible like PVC. On the downside, it is important to know that fish are not always attracted to the loud colors. If you want to use flies, one of the best ways to do so is to troll them by attaching some kind of action disk so it looks alive.

Outdoor Planet Double Sided Waterproof

One of the more popular buyers are the Outdoor Planet lures, the company have a terrific reputation amongst their customers. This Outdoor Planet box of waterproof lures comes in a double sided box with 15 lures in various colors and for different water conditions.  

The design of the box though will allow you to carry as many as 100 lures which is an added bonus that should be much appreciated.

Key Features:

  • 10 single hook
  • Length is 15 mm
  • Dry fly
  • Easy grip, slit, streamer foam
  • Compact, waterproof box that measure 4.17 inches x 3 inches x 1.34 inches

These lures are a little on the small side but extremely well made. If you want, you have the option of spending double the price but getting the 100 lures in the same compact box. This is a fantastic offer that will give you great value for your money.


BLISSWILL happens to show how it’s done with their dry flies perfect for bass, salmon, and trout fishing. This particular offer comes with 48 lightweight butterfly lures packed in boxes with two lures per box. This means you have a total of 24 boxes with every order – enough for most part of the season if you are a beginner or leisure fly fishing angler.

Key Features:

  • Length of 0.98 inches per 2.5 centimeters
  • Weight of 0.003 ounces
  • Variety of colors (colors are picked randomly)
  • Lures with wings
  • Uses feathers and has a strong hook
  • Hand-tied
  • Good for freshwater and salt water fish
  • Very sharp hooks

BLISSWILL has an impressive reputation in the industry and only employ professionals to construct the lures. These lures work very well for flowing current, are easy to attach, and are designed with digital accuracy and quality materials.


Fiblink is the product of Fish Tackle and More, an online store affiliated with Amazon, with a reputation for making one of the top fishing gear based on a 2016 survey. This Fiblink product selected to be one of the top lures in the market today is the 32-piece fly fishing flies with a butterfly look.

The lures can ride high and can float on the water which makes them perfect for flowing water. The lures are larger than usual and have beautiful feathers in contrasting colors are hand-tied by professionals

Key Features:

  • Length is 0.98  inches
  • Weight is 0.003 ounces
  • Professional hook: sharp and strong
  • First-rate attractor pattern
  • Comes with a box with magnetic lock

This is a great choice if you are an experienced angler with serious intent to catch fish.  These classic dry flies can be seen by fish easily and the company has an excellent return policy. 

If, for any reason, you do not like the quality of the lures, you can request for a refund or replacement provided the lures have not sustained any damage

Moolecole Fly Fishing Flies Set

Best Lures for Fly Fishing

These Moolecole lures are amazing addition to your kit because of their strong, sharp hooks and incredible craftsmanship. These lures truly look like appetizing prey; pretty and colorful bait that won’t let you down.

These lures actually look like butterflies on the water and while fish are not attracted to colors per se, they can see color. Colors on the lures are also significant because they can improve your angling success.

For instance, if you choose to fish in shallow waters, the red-colored lures are recommended because they are more visible. For deeper waters, the blue-colored lures are more visible.

Key Features:

  • Length is 0.79 inches
  • Weight is 0.003 ounces
  • Professional hook
  • Butterfly design
  • Hand-tied professionally
  • Sold as a set of 12
  • Uses feathers

This product comes highly recommended for trout, salmon, and bass. It can be used on flowing water and has been tested by expert anglers. It is sold on Amazon as an add-on which is why it is priced so low but it’s definitely worth forking out a little extra on your next Amazon purchase although be forewarned, it works best when trying to catch smaller-sized fish.

In conclusion, these are 5 of the top quality lures with high strike rates. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. In addition, there’s no rule in the angling book that says you should stick to just one kind or brand of lure.

In fact, you should also ask the locals about the best lures for fly fishing to use and gain a little extra inside information in the process. At any rate, it’s great to have several options if your supply is composed of great choices!

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